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Perigord, Dordogne, Southwest France

Chateau Beynac

The Perigord is one of four areas in the Dordogne department of France: the Perigord noir, blanc, vert, and pourpre. Learn, Eat & Be Well is held in the Perigord noir.

The Perigord is world famous for its truffles, walnuts, and wines. The area is also known for its rich prehistoric treasures, of  cave paintings, grottos, and archaeological discoveries. This region is called The Land of a Thousand Chateaux. The thousand castles were the main battlegrounds of the hundred years’ war, between the French and the English.

Canoeists enjoy the numerous rivers, where one can see castles at almost every river bend. The area has a temperate climate, with summer temperatures easily reaching in the mid to upper 30’s. Overnight temperatures can be quite mild. English is spoken by many shop owners.


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