Nutrition Retreat in France: Enhance Your Health and Wellness

This program teaches the benefits and positive health impacts of four distinct types of diets and how they can be used at various times in your life to promote optimum wellness.  Designed for small groups of a maximum of 8 people, this provides a family atmosphere with more space for everyone to commune in the kitchen.

Before your arrival, your retreat begins with a nutrition assessment designed to help you make better decisions about diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. The nutrition assessment includes a full-colour graph with detailed explanations of your results, combined with a one-on-one teleconferenced meeting with your Holistic Nutritionist, Bianca Church, RHN, who will elaborate on your results, answer any questions you may have, and help you get one step closer to optimum wellness.

This retreat is a combination of short, in-class sessions, combined with field trips to complement the instructional content. Bianca will teach you how to use four diverse diets to promote the wellbeing of your body, mind, and spirit.

Next Dates:

May and September 2024 Max 4 Participants


Itinerary and Curriculum

Tuesday – Welcome Day

Meet at Brive-la-Gaillard train station at 2 pm and transfer to
Coly-Saint-Amand cottages to settle in to your room.
Afternoon Tea: Riverside terrace at La Pete Bijoux
Early evening: Tour Saint-Amand-de-Coly Abbey and village
Dinner: Al fresco at La Pete Bijoux

“It was so good to be in France again with students from my own school.” – Danielle Perrault, Late Founder Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Wednesday – History of Medicine

Sleep in followed by an easy morning walk.
Breakfast: French Brunch
Morning class: History of Medicin and the Four Humors
Field trip: Musée de la Médecine & Chateau Hautefort
Afternoon Tea: Chateau Hautefort Creperie and Tea House
Dinner: Al fresco at La Pete Bijoux

“I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience.” – Bobbi

Thursday – Macrobiotic & Vegetarian Diets

Morning walk
Breakfast: Vegetarian/Vegan
Morning Class: Macrobioc, vegan, and vegetarian diets
Demonstraon: Seitan from flour
Lunch: Macrobioc lunch in house (Seitan burgers)
Aernoon Field trip: Les Jardins de Valojoulx
Aernoon Tea: C’Art Thé Sien – Saint Amand de Coly
Dinner: Al fresco at La Pete Bijoux

“A unique and memorable experience.” – Sue

Friday – The Paleo Diet

Morning walk
Breakfast: Paleo
Morning Class: Understanding the origin of Paleo diets
Lunch: Riverside restaurant in Saint Leon-sur-Vezere
Field trip: La Roque St. Christoph troglodyte village
Afternoon Tea: Paleo snacks at La Pete Bijoux
Dinner: Al fresco at La Pete Bijoux

“LEBW was the ultimate venue for good food.” – Margo

Saturday – The Mediterranean Diet

Morning walk
Breakfast: Mediterranean
Field trip: Sarlat Market
Lunch: Sarlat Market square restaurant
Aernoon Class: The Mediterranean diet and the French
Paradox with “Le goûter” (French style afternoon snack).
Dinner: Farewell dinner al fresco at La Pete Bijoux

“We loved, loved, loved all the delicious food and drinks.” – Leslie

Sunday – Farewell

French Breakfast and transfer to Brive-la-Gaillard train station

“I loved getting to know all the different diets and eating styles. It was an added bonus to my education!” – Meghan