Tom Church

Tom Church: event photographer and cook Discovering South-West France

Tom Church fell in love with the Dordogne when he first visited in 2010, with his wife, Bianca. Since then, he has considered the Dordogne his home. Tom has always found the simple way of life, the warmth of the local people, and the quality of food to make for a unique experience, unparalleled elsewhere. “The area is rich in agriculture, architecture, and culture, from Chateaus to small veggie gardens and everything in between, it’s intoxicating.”

About Tom Church

Tom has a 20-year career in education, from teaching and coordinating College programs, to developing curriculum, and building entire online programs for private educational institutions such the Canadian School of Holistic Nutrition’s distance education division.  He also has a passion for cooking, reiki, Templar history, prehistoric man, and shamanism. He studied macrobiotic cooking and Reiki with Master Herbalist, Lydia Riethmann, and studied Shamanism at the Edge of Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario. “I love to create food that nourishes the body and spirit.”