Bianca Church

Bianca Church in Southwest France, with furry friend.Discovering Southwest France

After many years of working in the holistic health industry, teaching holistic nutrition students, and mentoring graduates, Bianca Church was ready to expand. She had visited the Dordogne region of Southwest France with her husband Tom and found the magic of the Black Perigord.

Amazing Food & Community in Coly-Saint-Amand

The food of the Black Perigord was the epitome of “live, natural, and good quality”, just as Danielle Perrault, late found of CSNN, had coined it.  It was exactly the type of food Bianca taught her clients and students to eat.  After spending 3 weeks in the Black Perigord, she never wanted to leave and every holiday afterwards was back to the same area.  That village was Condat-sur-Vezere.

As the relationships Bianca and her husband found there grew, so did their connection to the friends.  Their time in Black Perigord allowed them to understand the French culture, the amazing quality of food, and the sense of community.  Bianca knew that she had to share this experience with like-minded people. She wanted other holistic nutritionists and those who seek optimum wellness to see first hand how a dedication to quality food and community are the foundations of good health.   This is where Learn, Eat, Be Well was born and where Bianca and her husband would buy an uninhabitable French cottage that would eventually become their home – “La Petite Bijoux”.

About Bianca Church

Bianca Church is a deeply committed holistic nutritionist who has been in the holistic health industry since 1998. Bianca started her career in holistic health as an assistant to a Master Herbalist and in the year 2004 she chose to gain a formal education in Natural Nutrition and certifications in breast cancer prevention and advanced Holistic Iridology.  Most recently, she has completed a post graduate diploma in adult education.  With a strong background in holistic nutrition and adult education, Bianca has helped many clients achieve their wellness goals, has been a teacher, tutor, and curriculum developer for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and mentored 135 professionals developing their nutrition clinics.

Holistic Nutritionist and Experienced Teacher

Bianca has held several educational roles in the holistic health industry; as a Holistic Nutritionist working with clients, as a teacher to students of holistic nutrition , as a curriculum developer for The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and lastly, as a graduate mentor through her program “Wellness Business Systems”, a personalized one-on-one teleconference mentoring program that allows graduates and alternative health practitioners to implement a ready-made nutrition business.

With a contagious passion for holistic nutrition and her emphatic desire to see fellow practitioners succeed, Bianca is always available to assist students, graduates, alternative health professionals, and clients remotely, from her beautiful home in Coly-Saint-Amand, France that she shares with her husband Tom, their Old English Sheep Dog, and tabby cat.

“What can I say! I loved the ‘whole’ experience. It was a trip of a lifetime. I felt so alive and well in France. Being with like-minded individuals, sharing good conversation, great food, and the atmosphere…..just breathtaking!”

Meghan Eveleigh