Praise for Learn, Eat & Be Well

Vive la France! N’est pas?

During my first experience with Learn Eat Be Well, I found myself completely immersed in an environment that is the source of well-being and holistic living.

While enjoying the luxuries of the authenticity of mother nature ‘the french way’, I was able to apply all six senses to my truest vision and put that forth into my business practice.

Bianca and Tom were the conduits to this experience. Over the course of just a few days, they introduced to me how the french place the essence of nature, family and community at the forefront of their daily living. I was automatically inspired to bring this home and pay if forward to all those whom I serve.

Dana M

I attended LEBW in July of 2015 – the inaugural group. I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience than what I had with Bianca and Tom at the helm. The group of people they had gathered together were phenomenal to hang out with. The instruction in Holistic Nutrition was well rounded and became impeccable with the sampling of food that accompanied each days lessons. Oh my the food! The site-seeing that was offered gave insight into how some of the diets came into existence and basically knocked the 8 days we spent together into what will long be remembered by me as the quintessential working vacation in an environment that would be difficult to rival or duplicate anywhere else in the world or by anyone other than Bianca and Tom.


My sojourn at the Holisitic Nutrition Camp in Southwest France, June of 2016 was a unique and memorable experience.  It was truly interesting to learn about the various diets, their impact upon our health and how to implement them into our lives.  However, above and beyond incorporating these diets into the amazing cuisine that is available in France, was the opportunity to immerse oneself into the culture, landscape and lives of the warm and loving people of France.  I feel the guided daily excursions were something one could not find simply traveling to France on your own or some commercial tour.. This was truly a chance to chat with the locals, explore small villages, shop in local markets  and take in the beauty that is all encompassing in France.  I highly recommend partaking in this opportunity to explore Nutrition and France.   For me, this was an adventure with memories I will cherish always.

Sue M

The week I spent in France with Bianca was amazing! The location was beautiful, the excursions were fascinating and the food was fantastic. I learned so much, met new people and enhanced my knowledge as a holistic nutritionist. I would recommend this experience to anyone as they will walk away with a new found appreciation for travel, learning, food and themselves!

Melissa van der Maden, RP

LEBW was the ultimate venue for good food, associating with like-minded people and feeding your body and soul with the food, culture and the ambience of beautiful SW France.

Bianca and Tom were the best hosts sharing with us their knowledge and their favourite must see spots of the region. The entire week was well organized, educational, wonderful value for the time and money spent, and totally worry free.

If you need to recharge your battery, this wonderful holistic nutrition camp is the place to be.


My mom and I went on the LEBW 2016 trip and it was amazing! We were able to spend quality time together as well as meet new and exciting people who we are still friends with today. In addition to this, we loved, loved, loved all the delicious food and drinks. It was great to eat healthy and feel good while on vacation. The excursions were wonderful, places I would never think to plan on my own. I would highly recommend going on the LEBW trip if you are interested in health, nutrition, history and having fun

Leslie Herman

I was enchanted to be with the graduates of my school while revisiting the beautiful Perigord. Thank you Bianca for making this possible.

Danielle Perrault, late Founder of CSNN.

What can I say! I loved the ‘whole’ experience. It was a trip of a lifetime. I felt so alive and well in France. Being with like-minded individuals, sharing good conversation, great food and the atmosphere was just breathtaking. The Commanderie in Condat sur Vezere was amazing. I enjoyed my stay! I fell in love with the donkeys and the beautiful land around me. The food was indescribable as it needs to be tasted to be understood! Croissants anyone? Chocolate? Plain? I loved getting to know all the different diets and eating styles. It was an added bonus to my education! Listening and learning from my colleagues felt good, especially Leslie’s organic farming presentation! It was really something, shopping at the markets (Sarlet was a highlight) and preparing the meals together. I could go for some of those yummy escargots right about now..MMMmmm 🙂 The outings we took were amazing, but one of my faves are the caves. I truly enjoyed time with you hiking to the top and getting the picture of us. To explore like that was exhilarating! I am beyond grateful to have been part of such a life expanding experience. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could and relive it all again! We had such great laughter…  I just love thinking back to this trip and remembering the time we had! Thanks again for the opportunity to go to France. I will never forget…


Our time with Bianca at the LEBW retreat was magical. My husband and I attended together and were enthralled with the information not only about the different dietary lifestyles, but the region itself was so magical. Learning about paleolithic man as well as canoeing down the Dordongne were amazing highlights for us. I highly recommend this for anyone who would like to learn more about nutrition and the history of the region. We definitely will go again in the future.

Michelle and Lenny